“We both hope that Andrew Connan decides to continue this adventure. We are impatiently wanting more.”

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A colony of army ants gains the ability to network their brains, which gives them the mental power of a human and the appetite of a grizzly bear. The first networked ant colony creates others, and these colonies quickly spread worldwide.They eat everything organic: apples, eggplants, lizards, cats, and people.

The population of humans, and all other animals and plants, is dropping while the population of networked ant colonies is exploding. Insecticides have no effect on them. So far the only things that kill them, like plutonium, will also kill everything else.

Something must be done to stop them.  But what?

Scary Meter:  #5 = Terrifying.  These monsters & villains are horrific and it is uncertain that they will be defeated – but the heroes never give up.