About Andy Connan

Hi, I’m Andy Connan

andyI wrote the Flash Travelers Series. Those books were born stealthily, when I was least expecting it.  After that, I couldn’t put my pen down – or turn my computer off.  The stories keep coming, and new characters and adventures continue to appear out of the mist.

I’ve always been a writer, it just took me awhile to realize that what I truly loved writing were adventure books for children and young adults.

My route to writing adventure books for kids and teens was a meandering one.

It began as the oldest child in a traditional Long Island family – the son expected to go into the family business of plastics. But that was the era when sons rebelled and set out on their own adventures.

So I picked up a BA in history at Boston University, followed by an MBA in management at Hofstra University, Long Island, New York, then a BFA in Photography at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco. Topped it off with a Certificate in Technical Communications from San Jose State University.

And earlier, somewhere over the Long Island Sound, I also qualified for a Private Pilot’s License (Single Engine). I can still remember the terror of my first solo flight and the tremendous sense of accomplishment when I landed. Could a story have been lurking in the back of my mind?

But first there was the small challenge of earning a living.

One of my first jobs out of college was writing and reading the news at local radio stations. I had a deadline every half hour, so I learned to write fast and still get all the facts correct. Great experience for a budding writer.

Later I became a Silicon Valley technical content developer (fancy name for “tech writer”) at Oracle, Cisco Systems, and Emcore, and then as a freelancer with Diebold and other high tech companies. More great experience in the discipline of writing every day.

Along the way, I got married to my lovely wife Roxanne, had a son named Sam, moved from California to New Mexico, and began telling Sam stories to keep him amused as I ferried him in the car from one extracurricular activities to another. That’s how the first book in The Flash Travelers Series – Chapter Books written for kids 7 and up – was born.  And my fiction followed Sam into his teens.

My first Young Adult (YA) Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery-Thriller for readers 10+ was Ants: It’s Us or Them – where our heroes work to save humanity from man-eating ant colonies.  And I’m continuing to write YA books even through Sam is growing up and heading to college next year.

Stay tuned for my next adventure – Symbionts: Discovering the Army Within – due out September 2015.  It’s about that army of non-human cells that scientists tell us make up 2%-3% of our bodies.  Are they allies or enemies?