Welcome to my world.

It’s a world filled with thrilling stories set on earth and filled with human heroes facing other-worldly challenges.

My Flash Travelers Series (3 books & counting) are for readers 7+ and they feature kids who become heroes by taking on challenges ranging from dog-eating rock monsters to villains who fly on wings made of legal contracts.

My first Young Adult (YA) Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery-Thriller – Ants: It’s Us or Them – is for readers 10+ and follows several teen heroes as they attempt to save humanity from man-eating ant colonies.

My next YA novel – Symbionts: Discovering the Army Within – is due out September 2015. It’s about that army of non-human cells that that scientists say outnumber our human cells 10 to 1. Are they our allies or our enemies?

How scary is this book?

Recently, a 10-year old asked me that question.

To help kids & their parents, I created a Scary Meter for each of my books.

Click on a book cover to find out more about each book and how scary it is.

Then, visit me on Facebook and tell me: How scary was it? If it was scary, did you still enjoy it?  I’ll adjust my Scary Meter based on your feedback.